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Summers are packed with time for creative projects and play… if you’re a kid.  If you’re a parent? Not so much.  So to help keep your digital kids engaged, we’ll be posting Kids’ Activity Round-ups every Tuesday, all summer long.  These posts will link you to fun online activities, cool project ideas, and easy games. Best of alll, every idea will be budget-friendly!

Without further ado, bring on the fun!  This week, we’d like to share some cool online activities that are created with kids in mind.

You may have seen Ben 10 Alien Force on TV, but have every played the video game? Better yet, how about creating your own customized Ben 10 video game level?  If you’re game, head over to the Ben 10 Game Creator, featured on the Cartoon Network site.  On this site, you can create your own video game level using templates, or really challenge yourself by starting from scratch! And watch out—it may look easy at first, but creating a video game that’s playable and fun is more of a challenge than it appears.  Once you’re done, you can save your game for free to Cartoon Network’s Game Gallery and challenge friends to play your course.  (And if you’ve never seen Ben 10 Alien Force, don’t worry—no prior knowledge is needed to have fun with this.)

Okay, how about something a little more low key?  Try building a sand castle with Curious George over at PBS Kids.  This fun activity is a cool way to introduce younger children to online games and helps them work on fine motor skills.

Looking for something even simpler?  Try learning a new card game!  For just a couple of dollars, a brand new deck of playing cards can provide hours of fun.  The U.S. Playing Card site offers easy to understand instructions for games like War and Go Fish, as well nas newer games like Slapjack and Rolling Stone. The instructions are kid-friendly and there’s something for even the youngest kids. (Like Tossing Cards in a Hat… 🙂 ).  Also, even though this is a corporate website, there’s virtually no advertising on the page–a big plus.

Try ’em out and let us know what you think—and drop your own suggestions for fun, safe kids’ sites in the comments!

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