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Lego pancake chef

Phew!  It went by like a whirlwind, but the Flapjack Attack was huge this year!  Starting at 9:00 a.m. on the dot, the library’s parking lot was filled with families lined up for pancakes.  Since we’re working the “Be Creative” theme this summer, library staff decided to take our own advice and think outside the box. Way out.

Picture pancakes by the dozen in shades of neon green, hot pink, bright turquoise, and rich purple.  Then picture topping them with neon whipped cream and a generous helping of sprinkles.  Oh, and butter and classic maple syrup, of course!

While the cooks weren’t sure about colored pancakes, the kids in attendance loved them.  (Did you expect anything else?)  We’re not sure how many pancakes we cooked exactly, but the crowd was pretty close to 500.  Ever cooked for 500?  We’re kind of exhausted…

Kids were entertained by a Transformer visit, a dance party, plenty of autographs from our summer stars, and—a personal favorite—a guest visit from some of our Tales to Tails regulars.  Rugby and Bailey got the star treatment, and we can’t wait to see them again when Tales to Tails starts up again in a month. Pancakes and puppies, and a truckload of chocolate milk; who could ask for anything more?

Thanks, Kuna, for making our annual pancake breakfast another huge success.  We’re thrilled that you came out and we appreciate your support.  And we’ve already got some ideas up our sleeves for next year…

Photo courtesy of Jonathanb1989


The last weekly summer reading program finished up yesterday, and it ended with a bang.  Over 300 people came out to Footloose and Fancy Free programs this week and participated in our family dances.  (More than 300! That’s a huge turnout, especially for the last week—Kuna rocks!)  We did the chicken dance, the hokey pokey, the cha-cha slide and yes, the pancake dance. That leads us to…

We’ve still got one big party up our sleeves, though, and that’s the Flapjack Attack!

Be Creative Pancakes

Who:  The entire Kuna community is invited

What: Free pancakes and fun all morning long

When: 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. on Wednesday, July 29

Where: The Kuna Library on the corner of Maple and Syrup

You’re invited to attend this free community event, gobble up some deliciously creative pancakes, and join the fun.

Plus, keep your eyes peeled for some special guests from the Tales to Tails reading program, which will resume this fall as school starts.

See you there, Kuna!

David Catrow Be CreativeYou’ve probably been hearing whisperings about summer reading for a few months now.  While the summer theme isn’t exactly a state secret (in fact, it’s being used by libraries across the country), we still get a kick out of unveiling it each year. 

This year, Kuna Library is super excited to Be Creative!  What does that mean? It means that this summer is all about anything that’s creative: art, music, dance, film, photography, homework excuses…  You get the idea! 

Here’s the million dollar question: How do you get to be creative at the library?  We don’t like to give away our secrets, but here’s a quick preview of what we’ve got planned for this summer:

  • Live music
  • Interactive magic
  • All-you-can-eat pancakes
  • Our first ever teen summer reading program
  • A very special 10th birthday party

And that’s just a taste of what we’ve got in store for you!  If you want the full scoop on summer events, please pick up a calendar at the library, or download the calendar **here.**

P.S.: Sign-up Week starts today!  Drop by Kuna Library to sign up for the summer reading program anytime; kids of all ages, from 0 to 18, are welcome as well as adults! See you there!


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