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Computer on desk Now that we’re rolling, it’s time to pay some attention to the elephant in the room: what good is a library blog?

Three Great Reasons for a Library Blog

The first, and most honest, answer would be easy: to provide library patrons with another path to useful and interesting information. (That’s right: 80,000 books in the collection just aren’t enough…) That’s really our primary goal. By blogging this information, we can be timely and topical without dragging you down in endless links and outdated pages. We’ll share activity ideas and resources for kids, how-to information (What do you want to learn? Let us know in the comments!), info on new library books, book suggestions, and up-to-date information on upcoming programs.  Because entries are time-stamped, a blog makes it easy to find what you need and get the heck out as quickly as possible.

Blogging’s Really All About You

There’s another, sneakier reason why we’re blogging this summer, though. By most definitions, the key aspect that sets a blog apart from a static website is the ability to interact. And that’s exactly what we want! By creating blog posts with comments turned on, every topic opens up for conversation, opinions, and ideas . (That’s where you come in.) Now, instead of talking at you, we can talk with you and figure out what kind of information serves you best.  So please feel free to dive into the comments at any time and share your thoughts, anonymous or otherwise.  Good communities make good blogs, and that’s the bottom line.

Straight to Your Inbox: The Hidden Secret of Blogs

There’s one more aspect to blogging that I have to bring up:  it’s a completely convenient way to spread information.  Blog posts can be mailed (for free) straight to your email inbox.  You can subscribe (for free) via an RSS reader that will show you all new posts every time you log into it.  You can also just check the site anytime you want (for free—notice a theme here?) and see what’s new.  Blogs make it easy not just for writers but for readers to find what they need quickly and easily.

So what’s the point of a summer reading blog? We’re here to extend the learning, the resources, and the creativity even further—straight into your home, at your convenience. We hope you continue reading and contributing your thoughts as we go.



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